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Rear End Collisions

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Few car accident scenarios present clearer evidence of the other driver’s fault than a rear end collision. If you’re stopped at a light, the last thing you expect is an impact from behind. The injuries characteristic of rear end collisions can sometimes be hard to prove. If you are the victim of a rear end collision at a traffic signal, in a parking lot, or even on the highway, contact Levine & Wiss for a free consultation about your rights to compensation.

We have assisted car accident victims recover payment for their injuries, pain and suffering, and lost income. Over the years, we have learned a great deal about the most effective ways to document and present evidence of liability and damages against negligent drivers and their insurers.

In rear end collisions, the most common injuries are usually those involving trauma to the soft tissues of the neck and back as the impact propels the driver violently forward and backward. Even a low speed collision can result in serious whiplash, and surgery can be necessary to repair damage to disc tissue in the neck and upper back. If you saw the impact coming by glancing into the mirror, there’s a good chance that severe carpal tunnel damage resulted from a tight grip on the steering wheel.

In some cases, depending on the placement of headrests, the steering wheel, or the rear view mirror, a collision from the rear can result in a blow to the head and resulting brain damage. Fortunately, the common use of seatbelts today tends to prevent what used to be a frequent risk of rear end accidents–the driver being thrown into or through the windshield of the car.

Not every piece of automotive safety equipment works as well as it should in every case, however. Airbags can cause head injuries, and poorly designed seatbelts or child safety seats can aggravate the physical harm in car accidents.

For a careful evaluation of your damages following a rear end collision, contact Levine & Wiss

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