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Improper Electrical Wiring May Cause Personal Injury

When working on a jobsite or even in your home, there are many different possible dangers. One of these hazards is the electrical wiring. If there are any defects in the wiring or the workmanship, they have the potential to cause you severe injury.

Electrical wiring has the potential to cause harm in many different ways. On construction, electrocution is the second leading cause of fatal accidents. Oftentimes, this results from employees working around unprotected electrical power circuits. Federal regulations prohibit working around unprotected power circuits, but in some instances the regulations are not followed.

In addition, exposed wiring is also a cause of injuries from electrical wiring. When wiring is exposed, it can lead to a shock if it is touched. In addition, exposed wiring can also become degraded to the point where it is dangerous. When the wire's cover comes off, the live wire is exposed and workers may not realize the danger until it is too late.

Another pronounced hazard is contact with overhead electrical wire. These wires are always energized and any means of touching these wires will cause severe injury. For example, if you are on a ladder and the ladder contacts the overhead wire, the electricity will be carried through to the wire.

Even touching these wires with a bare hand can lead to death or serious injury. Half of electrocutions on the job are the result of contact with the overhead power line.

In the event that you or a loved one has been injured by electrical wiring, it is often possible to receive compensation. In some instances, an employer or another party can be held liable for the injury that a worker has suffered. You should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so you can discuss your legal rights.