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Spills Are Hazards At Home and At Work

Spills are dangerous. They can lead to slip and falls that cause serious injury. Whether the spill is at home or at work it must be cleaned up immediately if it is to be neutralized as a safety hazard.

Types of Spills

If the spill is on the job and consists of an unknown substance, your best move is to alert management. You do not want to expose yourself to chemicals that can make you unwell or cause you long-term problems. You can, however, take the immediate and temporary measure of blocking off the affected area until someone arrives to clean it up.

Spills at home are different. There you will be familiar with all of the liquids that could be let loose on the floor. Here again you want to ensure that no one steps onto the affected area until you are able to clean it up. If you have spilled any liquid with chemicals in it, you should take measures to keep small children from it.

You may also encounter spills in public venues such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and night clubs. The staff should be on the lookout for such accidents. If time goes by and you notice that no one has responded to the spill, then you should notify one of them.

When You are Injured Because of a Spill

If you have experienced a slip and fall because of a spill on the job or in a public venue, it may owe to the negligence of management. You should have yourself examined by a medical professional. You should then contact a personal injury lawyer.

They will have you recount the circumstances that led to the accident. Based on this account they will launch their own investigation and determine whether you have a case against the negligent party.