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Birth Injuries Can Be Catastrophic

The birth of your child is a special and important time. You depend on your obstetrician for a safe and medically sound delivery. Such specialists must have extensive experience and go through years of training before they are allowed to practice. That is why you trusted your physician with the birth. However, things did not go well. Your baby suffered injuries during the delivery owing to the negligence, inattention, and incompetence of the obstetrician.

The catastrophic impact of birth injuries

Babies are extremely fragile and vulnerable human beings. Their birth is one of the most perilous moments in their young lives, which is why it must be handled by a trained physician. If the doctor mishandles the birth, then your child can be left with injuries that stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Brachial Plexus, Erb’s Palsy, and Shoulder Dystocia are examples of the kinds of injuries that can occur during delivery. Birth injuries can affect your child’s brain development as well as the development of their muscles and bones. These can all have a devastating impact on their future lives.

How a medical malpractice lawyer can help

When something like this happens, it must be responded to with vigor and determination. You should not allow the bungling and incompetence of your doctor to go unanswered. A medical malpractice lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf. If your baby was injured during birth, they will require additional medical treatment. You will also have to spend money on such treatment for years to come. Indeed, the effects of the birth injury could extend well into adulthood.

Your lawyer will know how to prove that your physician is at fault for what happened to your baby. They will also know how to put together the kind of argument that will get you and your child the compensation you deserve.