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Falling Down the Stairs is More Common than You Think

Falls down stairs are most common among people over the age of 65. However, they happen more frequently than people think in younger age groups. Such falls are not limited to the homes in which people live. Falls down the stairs occur in restaurants, hotels, clubs, bars, and other public venues. You should not assume that your relative youth and vigor will protect you against such a fall. Only vigilance and conscientiousness will do that.

Common conditions that lead to a fall

When elderly people fall down the stairs, it owes mostly to the weakness of their lower bodies, their problems with vision, and their difficulties with walking and balance. When much younger people have this kind of accident, it is usually due to the conditions of the place they happen to be in.

Multi-level night clubs that are inadequately lighted can increase the risk of falling. If you go to such an establishment, you can protect yourself by remaining aware of the hazard. You can also mitigate the risk by controlling the amount of alcohol you drink, as intoxication slows your motor skills and impairs your ability to see clearly.

This hazard is also present in hotels in which there are broken banisters, cracked stair cases, and other shoddy fixtures. It is quite easy to lose your balance, especially if you are carrying bags, and fall down the stairs.

Your options after the fall

If you have fallen down the stairs in a public venue and injured yourself, the first thing you should do is have a physician examine you. The second action you should take is to call a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer will investigate the circumstances of your fall. They will help you file a lawsuit if it is determined that your fall was the fault of the people who run the venue in which the accident occurred.