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Failure to Wear Safety Clothing Leads to Personal Injury

No one likes being told what to do, especially not a New Yorker. That is even truer when it comes to how we express ourselves with our wardrobes. That’s one reason we sometimes avoid wearing safety clothing. However, failure to wear safety clothing can lead to personal injury.

How can you get hurt?

Safety clothing can protect our skin from a number of injuries such as cuts, scrapes, abrasions, burns, and dermatitis. It’s important that when we are planning a task, we are considering all of the ways that we can get hurt. Failure to wear the correct type of protective barriers can present as many hazards as not wearing any at all.

We also have to remind ourselves to respect the limitations of safety clothing. A barrier between our skin and a potential hazard can prevent us from feeling the pain of a pinch, the burn from a hot object, or the moisture of splashing chemicals. We must not let the lack of pain put us at risk of becoming complacent.

It's a right

If we think about wearing safety clothing and other personal protection equipment as something that we have to do, it can be more of a burden to don the necessary gear. Instead, consider that it is your right to wear protective clothing. You get to keep a barrier between your skin and the hazards of your task. Not only that, but safety clothing that is required for work should be paid for by employers. Who doesn't like free?

Make it your own

Safety clothing has come a long way. Companies spend significant resources making sure that there are many options and styles of safety clothing to please their customers. More and more, we can find safety clothing that looks like regular, everyday garb.

Styles are more fitted and unique, and there also are more manufacturers who are striving to meet the needs of the growing number of women in industrial positions.