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How Do I Seek Compensation If My Claim Is Disputed?

Filing an insurance claim—whether through a no-fault claim with your own insurance or against a third-party insurance company—can be complicated for many individuals. It can be daunting for individuals, especially when the claim is disputed.

When you file a claim that is disputed, it’s easy to feel as though you have no where left to turn and that your hardships will never see relief. However, there are some options available when you are wrongfully denied the compensation you deserve.

At Levine and Wiss, we have seen a number of situations in which individuals—who rightfully pay insurance premiums and have been hurt due to another’s negligence—file a claim with an insurance company, and the insurance company tries to deny any responsibility in the matter.

Because of this, you should know that you can file a lawsuit in multiple ways as a means to seeking the compensation you deserve after the injury or vehicle damage. This requires the help of a legal advocate to determine whether the insurance company is acting in bad faith.

Filing a lawsuit allows you to show how insurance companies are not living up to their side of the policy upon which they have agreed. This can include paying you less than you are owed, delaying payments to you after an accident, or outright wrongfully refusing to pay out your claim.

Our team has helped countless individuals in the aftermath of a car accident, including when insurance coverages are wrongfully denied and claims are disputed by the insurance companies. We know what is needed to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

When you hire our New York car accident attorneys on your side, you can ensure that you’re receiving tenacious and dedicated representation focused on your best interests. Your success matters to us and we’ll do whatever we can to help you during this time.

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