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What Are Some Safety Precautions to Take Before Halloween?

With Halloween approaching, there are some things that people can do to help keep themselves and their loved ones safe. After all, going out in the dark with plenty of people on the road presents some dangers. Preparation can be an important step for safety.

If you’re planning on going out with your family for the holiday, make sure you take these precautions into consideration so you and your family can enjoy your time out without having to worry about harm from someone else’s negligent actions.

Plan Your Routes Accordingly

If you plan on going trick-or-treating, make sure you know where you are going and what time you should get there. As the night goes on, some areas may be considered more dangerous than others. You want to avoid these areas at all times.

Make Sure You Have Bright Clothing or Are Visible

Before you go out, get the right clothing or equipment to ensure that you are visible to drivers. Going out on Halloween can be dangerous, especially when individuals walk in dark areas or wear all black. This presents obstacles for drivers all around.

Teach Your Children to Use the Crosswalks

Some of the most common accidents that occur involving pedestrians on Halloween involve individuals who are crossing streets where they are not supposed to. Crosswalks are designed to protect these individuals so kids should know that they should only cross at traffic signals.

Avoid Areas Close to Bars

Some individuals love Halloween for the costume parties, however, these parties often have alcohol. Staying away from areas where there are bars or in some situations where drunk drivers may be present.

At Levine and Wiss, our New York pedestrian accident attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of negligence. We want you to ensure you’re taking the steps to stay safe when walking around on Halloween. If you’re hurt, we work hard to seek the compensation you need.

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