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Why Rain and Snow Cause So Many Crashes

Even for the most experienced drivers, winter weather can create some of the most dangerous driving conditions. According to the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), snow and ice accidents cause over 1,300 deaths and more than 116,800 injuries every year in the United States.

Of course, rain is still king when it comes to which weather causes the most accidents. This is because rain is all year and winter is just a few months. There are plenty of reasons that most accidents happen in rain and snow.

1. Slippery Roads

Rain and snow make the roads truly hard to drive on. The streets get exceedingly slick and people can either run into other cars or they drive off the road. The first part of any rainstorm or flurry is the slipperiest when the oil has risen to the surface, creating a greasy surface.

2. Visibility Issues

With all severe weather, the visibility issues come as well. People either cannot see out of their windshields or heavy rain and snow can make it hard to see in the distance. Always make sure wipers are working properly.

3. Speeding

Negligent drivers seem to speed at the most inappropriate times, especially where severe weather is concerned. The recommendation from the FHWA is to slow down by up to 40% if the weather is that harsh.

4. “Tail-Gaters”

Following vehicles too closely is bad enough, but mixing the intense weather is even worse causing more accidents. AAA recommends doubling or even tripling the amount of room between cars.

5. Unnecessary Travel

If there is no need to go out in the frigid weather, then avoid it at all costs. If the trip is small and can be rescheduled or done another day, skip it. Staying inside the home and avoiding the extra traffic is the smartest bet.

The best way to avoid any car crash is to stay away from the weather if possible. If driving is a must, slow down and be cautious. Drive safely and arrive alive.