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What Not to Say After a Crash

Getting in a car accident is everyone's worst nightmare. When this happens, do you know what to say and what not to say? Believe it or not there are certain things you should not say. Here are a few of them.

I'm Sorry

One of the worst things you can say is I'm sorry. This is hard for many people as you want to be polite. Even if you were at fault, never say this. This puts you automatically at fault as the courts will take this as an admission. This makes you to blame.

I'll Pay for That

A lot of people will say they are going to pay for something. They then put this through their insurance company and learn their insurance isn't going to cover this. It might be they didn't have the type of coverage that permits for them to.

They learn they don't have the money and never stick to their end of the bargain. Many are then taken to court as this was noted it was said at the scene of the crime. Do yourself a favor and let the insurance company figure what will be paid for and what won't be paid for by them.

Let's Not Call the Police

This is seen all too often. No matter the severity of the accident, it's wise to call the police. They need to fill out a formal report. You never know what sort of internal damage was done to the car. The same is true of injuries. Many injuries don't present themselves right away.

You might not feel anything at the time of the accident all because of shock plus it's when your body relaxes that you find you hurt the worst. The only reason someone doesn't want the police involved is nine times out of ten because they don't have insurance.

By remembering these things, you won't be put in a bigger issue later down the road. Play smart when it comes to accidents. Know what the laws are and ask questions if you need to, but always think before you speak.