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Should I Accept Fault if I Feel a Crash Is My Fault?

It is obvious that human beings are prone to making mistakes. When you find yourself in any crash, and you know that the error is not yours, never accept any form of liability. It is important to speak and act in a wise manner. There can be legal consequences of admitting any kind of responsibility. So what can you do?

Mind Your Words

Do not speak just for the sake of it. Never admit that you are guilty before anyone be the users of the road, the other driver, passengers or even the law enforcing agencies. That is wrong.

There is the due procedure under the law. Wait for the findings of the investigations. The results might have an outcome which can favor you or work against you. Do not at any time say that you are sorry.

Who has proven you guilty? Additionally, never use other words which can be used to show that you admitted that you were guilty.

Never ask the other drive some questions which might hint that you are trying to assign blame to anyone. Moreover, do not answer similar queries from the other driver. You are instead advised to minimize your interaction with the other driver.

If you must engage him or her, limit yourself to knowing who has been injured so that they access immediate health care. What is more, you might interact with the other driver to get his or her contacts or exchange insurance policy information.

Always Call the Police

The police are the only legally mandated individuals to deal with issues pertaining to accidents. No matter what, always call them. Even if the crash seems to be minor, call the police. It is not your work to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Never mind what the other driver says or whether both vehicles have suffered minor damages. Let the police come for the due legal procedure to commence

Document the Crash

Take many pictures. Get the names of the passengers, their contacts and those of passers-by. They will form a crucial part of the evidence. Assemble all that information and call the policy. Please notify your insurers as soon as possible. Contact us now for more legal advice!