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The Serious Nature of T-Bone Crashes

In a state like New York, where many of the streets are filled with cars and other vehicles, there is a high chance for potential collisions. Unfortunately, some are worse than others, with serious repercussions and the victims may endure serious injuries.

One of the more dangerous types of crashes are T-bones. This is when one vehicle collides with their front bumper into the side of another vehicle. These types of accidents are dangerous for a number of reasons.

The Location of the Crash

These types of crashes occur on the side of the vehicle. This can be either the driver or passenger side and this part of the car is vulnerable to collapsing inward towards the passengers. This can cause serious harm to anyone in the vehicle.

Flying Debris

Crashes in this location can also shatter the windows of the vehicle, causing the debris to go flying and potential causing cuts or damage to the passengers. Glass shards can get into the eyes of passengers, or cause serious lacerations.

Jerking Motion

For individuals in the vehicle being struck, the collision can cause the body, neck, and head to make a jerking motion in various directions. This can result in spinal cord damage or head trauma, leaving them to deal with serious injuries as a result.

These types of crashes are often the result of someone speeding or running a traffic signal. It’s an unfortunate situation that can harm anyone involved and should be taken seriously. Victims deserve to seek compensation.

Our New York auto accident attorneys at Levine and Wiss may be able to help. We understand the circumstances that lead to T-bone collisions and how much harm it can cause to the individuals involved. If a negligent party was the cause of the crash, we know how to seek optimal results.

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