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How Accidents Cause Trauma

The last thing you expected when you went out that morning was to be the victim of an accident. It nevertheless turned out that way, and you are still dealing with the consequences of that event. The physical, mental, and emotional pain you have been forced to contend with is especially burdensome. The fact that you did everything right as a driver while the person who hit you did everything wrong should not be forgotten as you consider your options.

The Aftermath of Being in an Accident

When most people think of accidents, they think only of the physical pain suffered by the affected persons. While this is significant and can take years of surgeries, medication, and therapy to recover from, the shock to your nerves, emotions, and mind can be just as bad and may require a similar length of time to heal.

Accidents cause trauma resulting in what is known as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. This is a condition that develops in individuals who have experienced a severely disturbing or life-threatening event. The symptoms of PTSD include recurring nightmares and daytime flashbacks of the event. Sufferers have trouble sleeping and can feel an extreme sense of isolation and detachment. Some cases are bad enough to impair a person’s ability to work and have an ordinary life.

Even some non-life threatening events can lead to PTSD. People are different and respond to such events differently.

Persons who have been in car accidents or an accident on the job can suffer from PTSD. If you have shown any of the symptoms described above or find that your headaches are stronger and last longer than they once did; that you feel always down and often have little or no appetite, you may have PTSD.

The Road to Justice

An accident such as the one you were in can be a life changing event. If your accident has led to prolonged mental trauma in addition to the physical injuries you will need to spend years recovering from, you have every right to file suit against the person whose recklessness put you in this condition.

Hiring a New York personal injury lawyer who specializes in personal injury will allow you to get on a road to justice and to pursue the person who is responsible for you pain and suffering and your inability to resume the happy and fulfilling life that you once had. At Levine and Wiss, we understand the importance in seeing that justice is done for your sake and for that of your family.

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