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Benefits of Contingency Fees

One of the greatest restrictions that keep individuals from seeking legal advice is the concept that they must pay an attorney for merely discussing a legal case. The truth is that almost all attorneys will evaluate a legal predicament for anyone if there is a chance they can be represented successfully in court.

In addition, many times an attorney will take a case based on a contingency fee when it is apparent the client will receive some amount of remuneration. This specific arrangement applies in almost all personal injury claims, especially when there is adequate insurance protection involved in the negligence claim. There are a couple of significant benefits that go along with this type of payment arrangement.

No Recovery No Fee

The most obvious benefit of retaining an attorney on a contingency fee is that it only applies when the represented client gets paid. Normally, if there is no damage recovery, then there is no fee. Also, there is no upfront costs to file a claim. This serves to help the court in terms of reducing the filing of frivolous claims while also helping the client with their particular legal issue. If it is pointless to go to court, an attorney will more than likely explain the problem to the potential client.

Sign of a Valid Case

No attorney wants to handle a losing case. It is a waste of everyone's time to take a case to court knowing it does not have enough merit to warrant a hearing. The mere fact an attorney will take a claim is important. It also ensures that your attorney will be diligent and aggressive in handling the case because the more damages they collect, the more they earn in representation fee.

Many times there is much more insurance coverage available than the claimant may understand, as well as extensive negligence by the respondent, and having an experienced attorney can help in a satisfactory and equitable settlement. Actually, most cases are settled out of court because the penalties assigned by a jury can be much worse than the settlement amount.

Never let the expense of a legal claim stop you from discussing your legal situation with an experienced attorney. Taking a legal case on contingency arrangement is more common than many people think, and all attorneys understand how the court system can help those who have been wronged in a legally provable manner.

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