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What Road Dangers Exist In New York?

When most people hear about a car crash or any other kind of collision, the first thought is that involved multiple vehicles or other individuals. While this is typically the case, it’s not always the situation as there are many other potential causes for collisions.

In some instances, there may be no other party involved and nobody would be considered liable, such as a wild animal crossing in front of a vehicle and it resulting in a crash. In other cases, a road hazard may exist that can be considered the fault of a government entity or construction company.

Pot Holes In the Road

Have you ever driven your vehicle on a road where pot holes are present? If so, you know that these are terrible for your car and can even cause damage or cause the driver to lose control and crash. When this happens, liability can be placed on the city for knowing about the danger and failing to fix it in a timely manner.

Missing Traffic Signals or Signs

Intersections are supposed to have proper traffic signals to designate who gets to go first and who must stop. When a traffic signal is broken or is not in a proper location, vehicles can collide. Other signs, such as yield signs or merge signs, are also important and without them, accidents may occur.

Dangerous Road Design

For some vehicles—especially larger commercial trucks—some roads may be more difficult to navigate, especially if there are sharp turns. As such, there should be signs posted regarding vehicles that are not allowed on roads. If not, these vehicles can crash due to the bad road design. Similarly, a bad road design can include steep hills in which speed limits are posted incorrectly.

Covered Signs

Some liability may fall on parties responsible for cutting trees or bushes if the growth has covered an important traffic sign such as a stop sign. It’s important that these signs are visible to drivers and without them, a crash may result.

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