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The Importance of Fireworks Safety Planning

Independence Day is coming soon and of course, for many, it’s a day of celebration complete with fireworks for many individuals. Unfortunately, while most people can celebrate in a safe and proper manner, there are some situations in which dangers are present.

Before you celebrate, it’s important to understand how important it is to plan for safety for you and your family. Whether going to a public event where fireworks will be presented or if you are doing something on your own, make sure you follow some of these tips.

Stick with the Pros

We all want to do our own fireworks and celebrate in our own way. However, when you have bigger fireworks as part of the plan, these should be handled by professionals with the proper training and equipment necessary to enjoy successfully without harm.

Check for Legality

If you are using fireworks on your own, make sure you check to ensure they are legal for the area so you are not breaking the law. If they are illegal, it is for good reason and you should avoid using fireworks on your own to protect your safety.

Be Wary of Sparklers

Sparklers are great entertainers for young children, but always make sure you are there to help supervise. Children have shorter arms and the sparklers can get really hot. This is a recipe for disaster and always be sure to help them keep it away from their bodies.

Take Precautions

Make sure you recognize proper safety precautions before your celebration. Know where fireworks are safe and stay away from grassy areas. Make sure clothing is not loose so it doesn’t get caught with the fireworks and be sure to point all fireworks in a safe direction.

Firework accidents can result in serious injuries, including burns or in some cases, loss of vision or hearing. When these accidents are caused by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior, the injured party may have a right to take legal action against them.

Accidents can also happen due to defects in the design or manufacturing of the firework. Even in events of failures to warn about potential dangers. At Levine and Wiss, our New York personal injury attorneys work hard to protect the rights of those harmed because of another party’s actions.

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