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How Dangerous Is Misdiagnosis?

When it comes to medical conditions, we entrust medical professionals to help us determine what the problem is and provide the necessary treatment to help us heal. Unfortunately, there are issues that can arise that impact how we’re treated.

One of the problems that commonly occurs is misdiagnosis. This is an issue that happens more often than it should. For many, understanding what misdiagnosis is and the potential dangers of it is important in order to seek legal action.

What Is Misdiagnosis?

Misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis are both similar in the fact that the doctor makes a mistake in diagnosing a patient with an injury, condition, or illness. For instance, if the patient is showing signs of a flu, but the doctor either doesn’t diagnose it, or diagnoses it as something else, the patient won’t get the proper treatment.

When someone is misdiagnosed, they may be given medication or undergo an unnecessary procedure that causes them more harm than good. As a result, they may suffer serious injuries or their condition may worsen.

What Can Happen If an Illness Is Misdiagnosed?

Depending on the severity of the condition, missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis can lead to serious, life-altering, or life-threatening damages. For example, if someone has cancer, but it’s diagnosed differently, the patient wouldn’t receive proper treatment. This could have life-threatening implications.

Medical professionals have a duty to properly care for patients. They must correctly diagnose patients so they can order proper testing, provide proper treatment, and help patients heal. When this doesn’t happen, they should be considered liable for any damages that occur.

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