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Why Motorcyclists Sustain Serious Injuries

As an experienced motorcyclist, you understand the need for vigilance and attentiveness on the road. You remain focused while on the road and are every watchful of what is going on around you. You put the motorcycle training you have received to good use and ensure that larger private and commercial vehicles understand your intentions.

Such practices are simple common sense. You are much more vulnerable than cars, SUVs, buses, and tractor trailers. There are few barriers and boundaries between you and a vehicle that may smash into you. Head injuries, fractures, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries are not uncommon when motorcyclists have been in an accident.

You Have a Right to a Space On the Road

Your decision to ride a motorcycle rather than a larger motor vehicle does not in any way degrade your status as a licensed motorist. You have a right to your share of space on the road. Other drivers are obligated to take special care in monitoring your movements and anticipating them based on your signals.

Your vehicle is smaller, faster, and nimbler than others. You are able to make turns, get through spaces, and change direction at a rate and in way that larger vehicles cannot. Every driver is required to be conscientious and alert when on the road. They must be aware of vehicles of all sizes and must take precautions to deal with the kinds of movements that each one tends to make.

If you did all that you could to obey the rules of the road and signal your intention to other drivers and you were still crashed into and injured, then you have every right to file suit against the person who hit you.

Taking Legal Action Against Recklessness

Few motorcyclists walk away from an accident without injuries of some sort. Your habit of wearing a helmet and other safety gear may have saved you from some of the worst injuries. But the crash will lead to medical expenses and recovering from it may have caused you to lose work and revenue. It is right that you also be compensated for physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Working with a personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation and the justice you deserve. You want a New York motorcycle accident lawyer who knows how to gather the evidence and apply the law in a way that helps result in a favorable outcome for you.

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