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What Can Cause Contamination In a Hospital?

In hospitals, one of the most important things that can be done is keeping everything sterile. There are plenty of instances in which instruments are used on patients and if things are not sterile, it can cause serious problems such as infection and illnesses.

Unfortunately, not all hospitals or medical professionals put an emphasis on ensuring their instruments and equipment are sterile for patients. When this happens, patients can seek damages for any illnesses or injuries they sustain as a result.

Here are some of the causes of contamination in hospitals.

Re-Using Surgical Equipment Without Sterilization

Some hospitals have been accused of using surgical equipment with unknown residue or substances on them. This could cause serious infections, especially if the substance contains bacteria. It infects the patient’s body, often resulting in serious illnesses.

Surgeons Not Properly Scrubbing In

Surgeons must properly wash and sterilize their hands prior to entering the operating room. If any form of bacteria is allowed into the operating room, it can result in the contamination of surgical tools or other equipment, the patient who is exposed can be seriously sick.

Failure to Isolate Viruses

If someone comes into the hospital with a serious illness or condition, there may be a need for isolation of the patient in a special room. If precautions are not properly taken and other individuals are exposed to the condition, it may spread throughout other areas of the hospital as patients are transferred from one area to another.

When a hospital is negligent in their safety procedures and bacteria is allowed to contaminate equipment and tools, it can cause a serious problem for many patients in the facility. Unfortunately, this occurs more often than it should, leaving people with serious illnesses.

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