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Slip & Fall Accidents At a Public Pool

Perhaps you’ve been to a public pool and have seen some signs around that warn of the potential dangers. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and there are some locations that don’t have the same precautions.

There are serious issues that can arise when certain warnings are not posted or when there are dangers present. What happens when this is the case and who is considered liable? Our New York premises liability lawyers explain some of the potential problems with slip and falls.

Lack of Signs

The owner of the property can be held responsible if there are no warnings about running around the pool or information about the slippery floors. Failure to notify the public of potential dangers could lead to serious injuries.

Slippery Diving Platforms

It’s important to ensure that diving platforms are free of any potential dangers that can cause an individual to slip and fall. For instance, either making sure that there is not a lot of water building up or checking the grip of the material.

Knowing of a Danger

One way to prove liability in a premises liability case after a slip and fall accident is showing that the owner knew of a danger that could cause harm, but did nothing to remedy the situation. This is an important aspect of proving liability and showing that the owner is responsible for the injuries sustained.

Slip and fall cases often mean that a person has suffered significant injuries to the back or head. When this happens, it could mean long-term damage and financial hardship. This is why it’s so important to hire legal representation to help you seek the compensation you need.

Our team at Levine and Wiss is here to help victims of serious injury seek justice. We understand how to prove negligence and help clients through the difficult legal process that lies ahead.

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