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Liability When Used Tires are Advertised as New

For many individuals on the road, proper maintenance of their vehicle is extremely important. They must check a number of things such as the brakes, windshield wipers, and one of the most important things, the tires.

Tires should be checked to unsure that there is enough tread. When drivers go to buy new tires, they are expecting them to have the full amount of tread and no wear whatsoever. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and some companies may try to pass off used tires as new.

The problem with this? Used tires often have more wear on not only the tread, but also the walls of the tire. This could lead to serious problems such as tread separation or a full tire blowout. If either of these occur while the vehicle is in motion, it can send it out of control, possibly resulting in a serious collision.

When this happens, most people don’t recognize what rights they have and what legal options may be available to them. It’s important to understand that the company that sold the tire may be considered liable for the damages.

Proving Liability

Companies that advertise used tires as new may be subject to legal action if their tires cause a serious crash. These companies owe patrons and customers a duty of care. If that duty is breached and leads to an accident and subsequent injury, the victims of the crash may be able to bring a lawsuit against that company.

Tire blowouts while vehicles are traveling at a high rate of speed can be extremely dangerous. It makes it difficult to control the vehicle and stop before colliding with other vehicles. It can also result in significant injuries to all parties involved.

If you were sold tires that were used but advertised as new, and the tire was defective, you may have legal rights. Our New York product liability attorneys at Levine and Wiss understand this type of accident and what can be done to protect victims’ rights.

We go the extra mile to help our clients seek the compensation and justice they need and deserve after enduring such a difficult situation.

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