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How Can Bicyclists Prevent Being Victims In Collisions?

One of the more difficult accidents to deal with is a collision involving bicycles. It’s unfortunate that these accidents occur because it involves individuals who don’t have the same protections as drivers in motor vehicles.

This leaves a high probability of potential serious injuries, ejection from the bike, and more. Because these accidents are so serious and cause significant injuries, knowing ways to help prevent these types of collisions is important.

Here are some tips you should be aware of.

Wear Bright Colors

Whether you’re riding your bicycle at night or during the day, you want to make sure that you are visible to drivers. Wearing bright colors or reflective clothing can make it easy for drivers to see you whether you’re in the bike lane, crossing an intersection, or simply riding in the road.

Never Cover Your Ears

While most people love to listen to music while they ride, it doesn’t come without its dangers. Unfortunately, covering your ears makes it difficult to hear vehicles around you. This could put you at risk of an accident.

Ride with Traffic

You should follow the flow of traffic so you’re most visible to vehicles. Riding against traffic can be dangerous, especially when vehicles are turning and not paying attention.

Follow the Rules of the Road

Make sure you’re following the rules of the road including paying attention to traffic lights, stop signs, and other laws. This can help you be the most cautious on the road in order to protect you. If a motorist hits you and you’ve followed all rules and laws, your rights may be protected.

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