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What is Automotive Product Liability?

Automobiles may be one of the greatest inventions of all time, but they are often manufactured with profit margins as the primary focus of company management officials and designers. What this commonly leads to is diminished quality and workmanship regarding assembly parts and product specifications.

There are a wide number of vehicle components that could malfunction on any vehicle, many times while the vehicle is in transit, which can also lead to serious injury and even death when a horrific accident occurs. This is often revealed in the accident reconstruction phase following an official investigation.

Identifying a Defective Auto Part

Auto accidents regularly happen with no apparent cause or human error, which normally results in a comprehensive inspection of the vehicles involved by state officials and injured claimant attorneys.

Parts manufacturers and car companies alike could be held responsible for accidents when it can be proven a vehicle component malfunctioned and caused an accident. And, when this happens on multiple occasions, the Consumer Protection Agency may step in and order a recall of the part.

The Consumer Protection Agency actually maintains a database of all vehicle components that are currently on recall and many times product liability claims are available following a crash with no apparent cause or human error, such as an exploding air bag or locking accelerator.

Strict Liability for Manufacturers

All product manufacturers in the U.S. are held to a strict liability standard when their products cause any type of injury.

The difference with strict liability and standard liability is that an auto accident attorney is not required to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer or vehicle company because they are responsible for their products from the time they arrive on the market. This does not necessarily mean the claim is any easier to settle, as initial isolated claims are often defended vigorously.

However, when a part has already been designated for recall, this can be an advantage for an experienced New York personal injury attorney.

Anyone in New York who thinks they may have a vehicle that has been recalled or has suffered an injury in an unexplained auto accident should contact the legal professionals at Levine and Wiss who understand how to investigate an automotive product liability issue and can work to craft a solid case that yields additional avenues of damage recovery for their injured clients.

When vehicle parts are the problem, additional legal action can result in a significant settlement amount.

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