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How Cars Can Harm Motorcyclists

Underrated Risks

It's clear that motorcyclists will have to cope with a wide range of hazards. Car drivers are capable of extensively hurting motorcyclists. Many collisions will involve cars and motorcycles. However, it goes even further than that.

It's unfortunately common for car drivers to be hostile towards motorcyclists. They might activate their car horns for no reason. This can cause motorcyclists to become temporarily distracted.

Motorcyclists will also have to compensate for unsafe car drivers. Other car drivers are used to having to do this. However, the situation can be more complicated for motorcyclists.

Car drivers will often communicate effectively with one another. This level of communication is less likely to happen when a motorcyclist is involved. A car accident that will be mild when two cars are involved can be fatal when it involves a motorcyclist instead.

The Car Culture

Motorcyclists often don't even feel welcome on the road. Plenty of car drivers make them feel that way. Motorcyclists are not the only individuals in that situation. Car drivers often behave aggressively with motorcyclists even when those individuals are obeying traffic laws. It's clear that some of these problems are cultural. We need more solutions to this problem.

Motorcyclists and Avoidable Problems

When accidents involve large vehicles and motorcycles, the motorcyclist is more likely to be injured. However, it's important to consider how the accident occurred in the first place. Many car drivers believe that they're competing with motorcyclists.

They don't necessarily think that they're just sharing the road with them. This is an attitude that will only make accidents more likely. It's important for motorcyclists to avoid assuming that every single issue is their fault. They have the right to be on the road. Car drivers often assume that they control the roads.

At Levine and Wiss, our New York motorcycle accident lawyers don't see it that way. It's possible for a wide range of individuals to use the road legally. We're there for motorcyclists who have been forced to compete with cars.

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