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  • How Dangerous Is Misdiagnosis?
    How Dangerous Is Misdiagnosis?

    When it comes to medical conditions, we entrust medical professionals to help us determine what the problem is and provide the necessary treatment to help us heal. Unfortunately, there are issues that ...

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  • What are Surgical Errors?
    What are Surgical Errors?

    When we go to a doctor for a serious medical procedure, we put our trust in their hands in hopes of getting the treatment we need effectively. In many cases, this requires surgery to help heal an ...

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  • Settlement vs. Trial
    Settlement vs. Trial

    In a personal injury case, the ultimate goal for the plaintiff is to seek compensation and justice. When it comes to compensation, there are a number of avenues that the party can take to accomplish ...

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  • Construction Worker Fatalities in New York
    Construction Worker Fatalities in New York

    It’s often said of our court system, “the gears of justice grind slowly,” but the same is true of our legislative branch. Sometimes it seems like the law takes way too long to reflect what is ...

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  • Who Is At-Fault In a Boating Accident?
    Who Is At-Fault In a Boating Accident?

    During the warmer months, boating accidents are some of the more common and dangerous types of incidents that can occur. There are much more people on the water, making these types of accidents a ...

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  • Injuries Caused by Defective Fireworks
    Injuries Caused by Defective Fireworks

    Despite Independence Day being just one day, there are plenty of people who want to use fireworks to celebrate for many weeks. Regardless of legality, people are using fireworks, sometimes without any ...

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