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How to Safely Prepare Your Home for Fall

As the summer sun sets earlier and the wind emits a chill, we feel autumn on the way. Fall is the perfect season to start preparing your home for brisk weather conditions in the months ahead. Before you speed ahead and plan for a light (or heavy) dusting of snow, here are some important, safe ways to prepare your home for fall:

Rake the Leaves

This might be the most obvious fall-related task, but it’s important to rake the leaves on your property — especially if they’re covering any walkways. Although it might not seem like an imminent danger, any bit of rainfall will turn leaves into a slipping hazard to anyone who walks on your property. It’s better to plan ahead then to await the possible dangers that follow.

Clean the Gutters

One of the most dreaded fall chores is cleaning is clearing the gutters of debris. Since the gutters on your home aren’t cleaned too frequently, it’s pertinent to take charge and clean them before the leaves fall from the trees. If a gutter isn’t cleaned prior to fall, it then has the potential to cause harm — thanks to blockages. If you don’t feel confidant cleaning your own gutters, call a professional gutter-cleaning services to handle the task for you.

Add Some Light

Since the sun will be shining less and less by the day, it’s important to keep your property illuminated after sundown. One of the most affordable lighting methods is to add solar-powered walkway lights. These inexpensive lights can be purchased at your local dollar or home improvement store. Once you obtain these eco-friendly lighting features, you’ll then be able to place them anywhere on your property with ease. Properly illuminated walkways will reduce the risk of slips and falls, making your home a safe haven for all guests who enter.

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