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How to Tell If Someone Is Suing You

Before a case goes to court, the defendant must be served a summons. When you’re served with a summons (from the plaintiff’s attorney), this legal document will tell you exactly what you’re being sued for. Although it may take quite some time to receive, you might not know when you’re being served a summons — or if in fact you’re being sued. If you think you’ll be sued, here’s what you need to know:

You’ll Receive a Summons

When you’re being sued, you’ll be delivered a summons. A summons is a letter that states who you’re being sued by, what you’re being sued for, and what the plaintiff proposes to get as a settlement. This legal document is extremely important since it will tell your lawyer, or legal team, the predetermined specifics of the case at hand. In addition: the summons will tell you the period of time you must respond to this complaint that is filed against you.

It Can Be Delivered In Different Ways

Before the summons is in your physical possession, it must be delivered to your home or place of business. When it comes to a summons, it cannot be delivered or mailed by the plaintiff — and must be delivered by a party outside of the case. Typically a summons is hand delivered by a process server, which is given to and signed by the defendant — letting the plaintiff, and court, know that it was received. If you’re being delivered a summons and you’re not home, another resident in your home (who is eighteen years or older) can be delivered the summons and sign for it.

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