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3 Ways to Make Your Property Safe for Trick or Treaters

Bright orange pumpkins, plastic superhero masks, and the aroma of sugar in the air only means one thing: Halloween. Known for being one the most fun of holidays on the calendar, it’s the perfect time for your little ones to go dressed as their favorite characters, and collect an abundance of candy at the same time. Before you prepare your children for the big night, it’s important to make your property safe for trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood — ultimately to avoid a possible liability issue. If you’re looking to get a head start, then here are some prominent ways to plan ahead:

Way 1: Rake the Leaves

Known for being the biggest nuisance on any property, leaves hold the reputation for being a major slip-prone component. If your home has an uneven walkway to your front door, then a pile of leaves covering will pose as a big safety risk. Before the first trick-or-treater arrives at your doorstep, make sure that all walkways around your home are clear of fall foliage.

Way 2: Illuminate Your Property

Although a dimly lit home will further emit a spooky theme on your property, it will also pose as an immediate danger to those who walk up to your front door. If you’re anticipating the arrival of trick-or-treaters, it’s prominent that you illuminate your walkways. One of the most popular suggestions to light your property is to turn on all outdoor lighting you may have. This will not only make it safe to walk up to your front door, but it will also make your home less of a target for vandalism.

Way 3: Use Faux Candles

Plan on having your jack-o-lantern present on the steps of your home? If you’d like “Jack” to greet your guests, then it’s important to only use battery-powered candles — not traditional wax candles. When using this LED-based alternative, it will not only make the pumpkin brighter, but if your masterpiece happens to fall over (or if someone gets too close), you won’t have to worry — since there will be nothing flammable in your pumpkin.