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Why You Shouldn't Deep Fry Your Turkey

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is coming up rather soon — and before you know it, it will be the New Year! Before you invite your guests over for your annual Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important to know what type of turkey you’ll be preparing for the main course. Although you may grow weary of the traditional bird and opt for a deep fried turkey — it could pose a serious risk to your well-being and those around you. If you’re not set on why you shouldn’t deep fry your turkey, here are some reasons you should opt for your standard turkey:

Oil Could Injure You

When it’s time to deep fry your turkey, there is a possibility that you can overheat the cooking oil — which can cause injury. Unlike placing it in the oven, deep frying a turkey requires placing the meal within a turkey fryer, which resembles a giant stove-top pot. Sometimes when heating the fryer up before the initial cooking, it can become too hot and start splashing outside of the pot. When this happens, oil can come in contact with your body and will burn your skin. If you have guests cooking with you and they get burned from the oil overheating on your behalf, it could then become a liability issue — since it’s taking place on your property.

The Turkey Could Erupt

Before initially frying the turkey, it’s important to let it thaw properly in advance — or else it will burst. That’s right: when a turkey isn’t prepared correctly before being submerged, the turkey can burst upon touching the oil. To simplify the process, think of a cold glass coming in contact with hot water: it shatters. Just like the glass, a turkey will also “shatter” — but will really become more of an issue. Just like before, the oil from the fryer will splash and will not only burn you — but it can also burn your home in the process, too. To stay safe this Thanksgiving, we suggest cooking your turkey in a traditional oven to avoid any danger.

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