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How to Be Safe On Thanksgiving

There are a variety of different things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. One of the most important? Your safety. Although this holiday has a reputation for being calm and collected, there is a possibility that you can put your safety (and the safety of those around you) at risk. Before your Thanksgiving becomes memorable for the wrong reasons, here are some tips to keep it safe and joyful:

Never Leave the Stove Unattended

If you’re cooking a variety of meals on your stovetop, it’s important to stand by and keep an eye on them. Although you may know (from previous experience) that the pot of broccoli won’t boil over, there is a chance that it could — and can possibly injure one of your guests if they happen to be near it. It’s extremely pertinent to supervise your dishes, know how long it takes to prepare each, and when to take them off the burner. If you do this, you’ll prevent an injury from happening.

Hide Matches

Inviting the family over for Thanksgiving dinner? If they’re bringing some younger guests with them, then it’s important to keep all matches and lighters out of sight. Not only will this prevent your younger guests from being tempted to play with these flammable objects, but it will also keep them from possibly injuring themselves or guests around them. If you’re afraid that children will still be able to access your matches/lighter, then we suggest locking the flammable objects in a room that guests won’t be able to enter.

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