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Why Summer Driving Season Is So Deadly

You might be inclined to believe that winter is the most dangerous season to drive in — what with so much snow and ice on the roads. However, it’s actually the opposite. Schools out for summer and we’re in the midst of the 100 most deadly days of teen driving. That means there are more and more reckless drivers on the road each day. Levine and Wiss is here to break down the most common dangers of summer driving so you can stay safe this season.

Teen Drivers

With school officially over, teens are eager to get out on the open road with their brand-spanking-new driver’s licenses. Their lack of experience, coupled with questionable judgment, and a likelihood to text and drive, make teen drivers one of the biggest risks on the road in the summer.


Summer brings an uncontrollable need to travel. Whether you’re heading to the East End or the Jersey Shore intense traffic jams are to be expected. Congested roads increase the potential of poor driving conditions and road rage. In addition, these vacationers tend to be unfamiliar with the route they are driving. This can lead to unsafe and illegal maneuvers on the road. Plan ahead and try to depart during low-traffic times to avoid possible accidents.

Increase in Tire Blowouts

The summer heat can drastically damage your tires — it causes the inside to expand. This can cause a blowout. Keep an eye on your tires this summer and check them regularly. (Especially during a heat wave.

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