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Safety Tips for Driving in the Winter in New York

It's important that people drive carefully during the wintertime in New York. The leading cause of death and injuries during winter storms is vehicle collisions. If people don't have to drive during winter storms, it's best that they don't.

Be Prepared

The best way to stay safe is to be prepared.

  • Drivers should remove ice or snow from their vehicle before they begin driving.
  • Drivers who live in New York should have winter tires with adequate tread installed on their vehicle. For the worst winter weather, drivers should carry a set of tire chains.
  • Drivers should carry a windshield scraper and a small broom to remove ice and snow off of their vehicle.
  • Drivers should keep their gas tank full.
  • Drivers should equip their vehicle with emergency supplies. The emergency supplies should contain blankets, hats, gloves, food, water, a flashlight, batteries and medications that are needed.
  • People who are taking long road trips should get a mechanic to check their battery, brakes, antifreeze, windshield wipers, windshield washer fluid, thermostat, heater, defroster, oil level, ignition system, lights, flashing hazard lights and exhaust system on their vehicle before they leave.

How to Stay Safe

  • Drivers should never follow other drivers closely regardless of the season, but the risk of danger increases during snowy or icy weather conditions. Drivers need to remember that it may take longer to stop during winter weather. Drivers should also drive at a safe speed.
  • Drivers should never follow a snowplow closely or attempt to pass them while driving. Remember, the road ahead of the snowplow is likely covered with snow or ice.
  • Drivers should drive over bridges with caution. Bridges freeze faster than road surfaces.
  • Drivers should inform someone of their destination, planned route and their estimated time of arrival.
  • Don't use cruise control.

It's easy to get injured in a vehicle collision during dangerous weather conditions. If you have injuries, we may be able to help. Give us a call. We hope you have a safe winter.

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