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What to Do If You're the Victim of Prescription Errors

Picture this: you’ve been taking a prescribed medication for a few a months and notice that your breathing hasn’t been the same since taking it. While doing some research, you realize that your physician prescribed a medication that contains an ingredient that you’re highly allergic to, and this is the cause behind your hindered breathing. Prescription errors are a common occurrence and happen more often than you think. If you’re the victim of a prescription error, here’s what you should know:

Types of Prescription Errors

Besides being allergic to a prescribed medication, there are a range of possible prescription errors that can affect you. Some of the most common errors that most face is being given the wrong prescription at the pharmacy, having a prescription that interferes with another important medication you’re taking, and a prescription that bears the wrong label — whether that be the name of the prescription or the dosage listed.

Who’s Liable

Believe it or not, anyone who was a part of the medication administration process can be held accountable for their actions, despite how big or small their role was. This means that in a addition to your physician, the hospital you visited, pharmacies you use and the nurses’ care you were under can be held accountable for the prescription error and can be taken to court.

Where to Go From Here

Although you may feel like this might be an endless battle, it’s not. Being the victim of a prescription error is extremely dangerous and can negatively impact your well-being, and even lead to death. It’s important to address this situation as soon as possible if you believe a prescription error has caused harm to your health. Don’t wait and hesitate — contact your attorney immediately, to proceed to the next step; it’s your life on the line.