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Truck Accident Do's & Don'ts

Being involved in an accident isn’t an enjoyable experience for anyone. However, regardless of how frightening the accident may be, it’s always important to remain calm and not to panic. If you’re not sure how to properly handle a trucking accident, here are some important do’s and don’ts you should know:

Do: Report the Accident

Sure, this step may seem self-explanatory, but it’s always important to report an accident despite the severity of it. Once you call the police, the accident will officially be documented and stories will stay accurate.

Don’t: Settle It On Your Own

Despite what you may think, settling a trucking accident is a bit more complex than settling a standard vehicular accident. Instead of guessing on how to handle the situation at hand, it’s best to take in the interest of all parties and call the police.

Do: Keep Your Vehicle Parked

One of the most common mistakes of any accident is when parties decide to move their vehicles before the police arrive. Authorities may not be able to accurately piece together the entire accident if they can’t see it for themselves.

Don’t: Provide Unnecessary Information

Regardless of how the accident happened, only provide the officers with facts, not estimated guesses. If know something happened a certain way, state it — don’t put your answer in the form of an unstructured question.

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