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How to Drive Safely At Night This Fall

The days are getting shorter and it’s getting darker earlier and earlier. For those of us left driving home from work in the dark, it’s important to take a few extra precautions. Here are a few tips to help you drive more safely at night until we get to turn back the clocks.

Driving Safety Tips:

  • Keep your headlights on an hour before dusk. This will help increase your vehicle’s visibility.
  • Make sure that your lights are working! Perform regular maintenance to make sure that your headlights, taillights, and brake lights are all in working order.
  • Don’t drink and drive. With the holidays approaching, it’s more important than ever before to be on the lookout for drunk drivers — and avoid alcohol consumption yourself.
  • Wipe down your windshield. Avoid a foggy windshield by taking a newspaper and wiping the glass down. This will help get rid of streaks that you might not notice during the daytime.
  • Use your fog lights when the weather is bad. Fog lights are aimed low so that you can still see the road without the glare from the fog. If it’s a foggy night, be sure to use these lights when driving.

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