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The Most Dangerous and Deadly Occupations

A lot of people spend the work day typing and staring at a computer screen. As you can imagine, these jobs are relatively sedentary. However, there are plenty of jobs that require physical labor. Often times, these jobs place workers in dangerous situations. It is not uncommon for people to lose their lives on the job. Below are the top three deadliest occupations in the country.

Mother Nature can be very unforgiving. Fishers know this all too well. They spend their days and nights patrolling the seas for fresh fish. However, violent storms can do much more than scare away prospects. They can even result in fatalities.

It is easy to take certain commodities, like wood, for granted. It is important to remember that the wood was originally cut down by a logger. Loggers deal with dangerous equipment on a daily basis. Contact with equipment is cited as the main reason for injuries and fatalities.

It is no secret that the transportation industry can be a dangerous one. After all, so many things can go wrong when a person is responsible for operating a large piece of machinery. Airline pilots put their lives on the line everyday to fly planes. If the plane goes down, their chance of survival is not very high.

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