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The Causes of Construction Site Injuries

It is officially 2016. The new year provides businesses with a fresh start. A lot of businesses decide to take on renovation projects that they put off in 2015. This is good and bad for construction workers. On one hand, it is good because they will have work to do. However, construction sites can be unsafe and leave workers with injuries. Below are some of the top causes of construction site injuries.

  1. Unsafe working conditions
  2. Falls in stairwells without railings
  3. Unstable ladders
  4. Malfunctioning power tools
  5. Falling off of a roof
  6. Faulty scaffolding
  7. Lifting heavy objects
  8. Dump trucks
  9. Forklifts
  10. Excavation walls

Worker’s Compensation

When construction workers sustain injuries on the job, they can file a work accident injury report. They can take it a step further and file a worker’s compensation claim. However, the funds they receive from worker’s comp may not be enough to cover their medical bills. In this scenario, it is best for a worker to file a personal injury claim with the help of an attorney.

Have you been injured in a construction site accident? If so, turn to Levine & Wiss, We represent carpenters, roofers, excavators, electricians, pavers, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, and drivers who have been seriously injured at construction sites. In many cases, the victim suffers severe or permanent injuries to the head or spinal cord, or the loss of a limb. For advice about your options in the aftermath of a worksite accident, call 1-888-GOT-HURT.

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