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What You Should Bring To An Initial Consultation For A Medical Malpractice Case

If you have any doubts about the quality of medical care that you received, it’s time to start an investigation. In order to pursue justice, you should meet with an attorney for an initial consultation. Below are some documents you should bring to this meeting.

Medical and Financial Documents

Your medical records and medical bills can help you prove that you were a victim of medical malpractice. Remember to bring all of these documents to the initial consultation. The more documentation, the better.

A List of Questions and Concerns

We know that most people are not well-versed in personal injury claims and that’s okay! It is no surprise that our new clients are filled with questions and concerns. Write down these questions prior to the initial consultation. That way, we can provide you with the answers!

Our medical malpractice attorneys at Levine & Wiss have over 40 years of combined experience. We can create thorough investigations of the facts involved in any potential malpractice case. Most of all, we are dedicated to helping our clients secure the maximum compensation. Call toll free at 1.888.GOT.HURT (468-4878) to schedule a free initial consultation.

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