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The Year in Review: Record Numbers of New Yorkers Injured by Vehicles Jumping the Curb in 2015

The sidewalks in New York are well regulated and free from obstacles, but none of that matters when a vehicle jumps the curb.

New York City is experiencing an epidemic of cars jumping curbs and killing pedestrians. Even more pedestrians have survived curb-jumping incidents and suffered life-changing injuries and disabilities due to the negligence of speeding, distracted, and/or drunk drivers. And the trend shows no sign of abating.

The following is a list of 2015’s fatalities only; dozens more barely survived encounters with cars jumping the curb.

  • In December, the driver of an SUV jumped a curb onto a sidewalk in Brooklyn, killing a 30-year-old woman and severely injuring two other pedestrians.
  • Also in December, a 22-year-old driver jumped a curb in Queens and killed two construction workers.
  • In November, an unlicensed, 58-year-old man in Flatbush jumped a curb, killing a pedestrian.
  • Also in November, a pedestrian talking on a cell phone was struck and killed instantly by a Nissan Sentra that jumped a curb. Two other pedestrians were hurt.
  • On Halloween, a 10-year-old girl was killed, along with two other pedestrians, when a car jumped a curb in a residential neighborhood in the Bronx. She was trick-or-treating.
  • In October, a two-car collision, caused by an SUV ignoring a red light, resulted in the vehicle being thrust onto a sidewalk in Richmond Hill. One pedestrian was killed and two others were severely injured.
  • Also in October, a mother of five was killed walking home from work in the Bronx when an 18-wheel Coca Cola truck jumped the curb and cut her down.
  • In August, a 24-year-old Manhattan woman was struck and killed by a sedan at 2nd Ave and East 49th St.
  • In May, a 56-year-old man was struck and killed in Manhattan by a car that jumped the curb after colliding with another vehicle.
  • In March, a taxi driver lost control of his car and drove into a crowd of people in the Bronx. A 25-year-old man and his five-year-old daughter were killed.

Whenever there is an automobile accident, the question of negligence comes up. In some cases, like a rear-end collision, responsibility is usually easily determined. The same holds true for almost all vehicles that jump the curb in New York City. The driver of a car that jumps the curb is almost always responsible.

Remember your rights. Walking is a right; driving is a privilege.

If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver jumping the curb, you should act quickly. Contacting Levine and Wiss is the first place to start.