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How to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers aren’t the only ones on the open road. There are plenty of pedestrians who use their own two feet to get around. However, adding pedestrians to the mix can result in an accident. Below are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening.

Tips for Pedestrians

  1. Look both ways before crossing the street. Do not cross until the coast is clear.
  2. Obey all crosswalks and traffic signals. Failing to do so could result in jaywalking.
  3. Do not walk in the street. Walk on sidewalks whenever possible.

Tips for Drivers

  1. Keep an eye out for pedestrians. They could appear at any time.
  2. Remember that pedestrians have the right of way, even when there is no crosswalk.
  3. Be especially cautious around schools and residential areas.

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