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Another Crane Collapse in Manhattan

February 5, 2016: Tragedy struck again when another construction crane crashed onto the streets of Manhattan.

The crane was being transported when it collapsed near the corner of Worth Street and West Broadway. A person sitting on a car nearby was instantly killed, two others suffered serious injuries and one escaped with only minor injuries.

Crane collapses have become increasingly common in Manhattan, with operators often being accused of substandard safety practices and city inspectors being accused of incompetence.

Unlike construction workers who are covered by Workers Compensation and other insurance policies, the family of the person who was killed today has few options other than initiating a personal injury lawsuit to cover:

— Medical bills

— Lost income

— Pain and suffering

If you have been injured in this crane collapse contact the Law Offices of Levine and Wiss at 1-888-GOT-HURT to review your options.