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How To Drive Safely This Fall

It is officially fall! With each changing season, you will face different challenges on the open road. Below are some tips that can help you drive safely this fall.

Keep An Eye Out For Leaves

There is no denying that fall foliage can be beautiful. However, it can also pose a problem for you while you are hitting the road. Wet leaves can create slippery conditions. To stay on the safe side, do your best to steer clear of leaves.

Inspect Your Tires

Did you know that tires are sensitive to changes in temperature and weather? It’s true. This fall, be sure to check your tire pressure. Having your tires inflated can help you prevent a flat tire.

Prepare For Precipitation

It tends to rain more frequently in the fall than in the summer. Therefore, it is a good idea to plan for wet weather. You can do so by ensuring that your windshield wipers are working properly.

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