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Common Nursing Home Injuries

Nowadays, it is common for seniors to reside in nursing homes. The staff is responsible for caring for them. However, injuries are common within nursing homes. Some of these injuries may arise from medical conditions, while other injuries occur to the negligence or neglect. Below are some of the most common injuries sustained in nursing homes.

Slip and Fall Accidents

As seniors age, they tend to lose muscle mass and encounter gait problems. It is easy to see how seniors are at risk for slip and fall accidents. However, some slip and falls arise from poor lighting and slippery floors.


Some seniors have an illness or conditions that requires them to be bedridden. However, staying in the same position for an extended period of time can lead to bedsores. Members of the nursing home staff should take steps to ensure that this does not happen.

Issues with Medication Distribution

It is no surprise that seniors might take multiple medications each day. When a small staff manages a large nursing home, mistakes regarding medication management have occurred.

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