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Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

It is no secret that people get injured each and every day. Injured victims can hire personal injury attorneys to pursue justice and secure compensation. Below are the most common types of personal injury claims.

Car Accidents – The most common personal injury case is a car accident. If you have been injured due to a car accident, it is imperative that you file a claim as soon as possible.

Medical Malpractice – Medical malpractice occurs when you or a loved one receives substandard medical care. Specific types of medical malpractice include: failure to diagnose, failure to treat properly, prescription errors, birth injury and emergency room errors.

Slip and Fall Accidents – If you slip and fall on the property of another person and the condition of the property was a factor to that injury, the property owner may be liable for your injuries.

Dog Bites – There are instances when even a responsible pet owner may be unable to curb the instinctual urges of an animal with vicious propensities. Unfortunately, this can result in a dog bite.

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