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Tips for Staying Cool While Riding A Motorcycle

Summer is a popular time of year for motorcyclists to be out on the open road. However, summers can also be sweltering here on Long Island. It is important for motorcyclists to keep cool while they are hitting the pavement. Below are some tips to help you do just that.

Stay Hydrated

When you are out in the summer sun, it is easy to get dehydrated. To avoid this, bring a camelback container of water.

Dress Appropriately

Leather jackets are a fashion staple of a motorcyclists outfit. However, they won’t give you any relief from the heat. Instead, wear a long sleeve shirt.

Avoid Tar Snakes

When it is hot outside, tar snakes become slippery. They are very hazardous for motorcyclists. Avoid tar snakes whenever possible.

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