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How Insurance Companies Minimize Personal Injury Claims

When you are seeking compensation for your injuries, the first place you will turn to is your insurance company. After all, they are supposed to help you out in these situations. However, this is not entirely true. Below are some of the tactics insurance companies use to minimize personal injury claims.

Rejecting Your Claim

Insurance companies might try to reject your claim. They can do this by insinuating that the injury party was aware that they could get injured. Or, they could suggest that the injured party was partially at fault for their injuries.

Downplaying Your Injuries

They also might try to minimize the injuries sustained by the plaintiff. In these situations, insurance companies will have a medical professional complete an assessment of the injuries. It is common for these doctors to claim that the injuries are not that severe.

Suggesting Lack of Evidence

Last but certainly not least, insurance companies will try to minimize your claim by suggesting that there is simply not enough evidence. That’s why you need to have the experienced attorneys at Levine & Wiss on your side.

Part of our ability to create success for our clients lies in the fact that our attorneys all have previous experience defending insurance companies from the very sort of claims we now bring for the injured. Having that level of insight allows us to create strategies that are designed to help our clients secure the compensation they need and deserve as they work to recover from their injuries. Contact us today by calling 1.888.GOT.HURT (468-4878).

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