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What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

Car accidents are feared by many. Unfortunately, car accidents are commonplace these days. Your fate lies in your hands as well as in the drivers who are on the open road. If you are involved in an accident, there are certain steps you should take.

Safety First

Your health and safety are always of the utmost importance in any accident. Make sure that you and the other passengers involved are okay. If you require medical assistance, call 911 immediately.

Pull Over

Leaving your car in the middle of the road is hazardous to other drivers. If possible, put the hazard lights on and pull into the shoulder lane. This will help prevent further damage.

Call the Police

It is very important that you call the police as soon as possible. The police should always be notified for every accident that occurs. When you file a police report, it serves as a record of what happened. If a lawsuit is filed, the police report can be referenced in court.

Eye Witnesses

Don’t depend on the police officers to get the names of eye witnesses. Be sure to get the names of all eye witnesses. Once the eye witnesses leave the scene of the accident, it will be extremely difficult to contact them in the future.

Take Photos

Last but not least, be sure to take photos of the scene of the accident and the damage on the car. It is a good idea to take multiple pictures from different vantage points. After all, it is always good to have photographic evidence.

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