3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Looking to give your child the happiest of Halloweens? Besides providing them with the best costume, it’s important to provide them with some safety precautions for the big night. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some simple, helpful tips to give your child the greatest (and safest) Halloween this year: Way 1: […]

What Could Happen If a Trick-or-Treater Falls On Your Sidewalk

Bright colored capes, scary rubber masks and an eclectic mix of candy can only mean one thing: Halloween. Before you know it, you’ll be having little vampires, pumpkins, and skeletons appearing at your front door for candy — but is your property ready to greet these new visitors? If a trick-or-treater walks up to your […]

2 Common Signs of a Back Injury

Remember the old saying: “If you step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back?” Although that saying is quite fictitious, tripping over a crack in the sidewalk can surely injure anyone’s back (not just your mother’s). If you’ve recently found yourself in the center of an accident, and think you have sustained a back […]

3 Ways to Make Your Property Safe for Trick or Treaters

Bright orange pumpkins, plastic superhero masks, and the aroma of sugar in the air only means one thing: Halloween. Known for being one the most fun of holidays on the calendar, it’s the perfect time for your little ones to go dressed as their favorite characters, and collect an abundance of candy at the same […]

3 Strange Laws In Nassau County

When you think of Nassau County, what comes to mind first? For most, it’s the incredible array of parks, concert venues, and restaurants that inhabit the county — but what about the strange laws that still govern the land? Just like Suffolk County, some of these laws date back to the days of early civilization, […]

What to Do If You’re In a Forklift Accident

Forklift accidents happen more frequently than you think — especially on busy construction jobsites. Unlike a standard accident, a discrepancy featuring a forklift can be quite a challenging legal feat to endure — or so you may think.  If you ever find yourself involved in a forklift accident, then here’s what you need to know: […]

What to Do If You’re In a Crane Accident

As you know, accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime — especially on a construction site. With an array of powerful vehicles and tools around workers on a regular basis, sometimes the most skilled professionals in the field can encounter some unforeseen circumstances on the job. One of the most dangerous job site accidents is […]

3 Strange Laws in Suffolk County

When you think of Suffolk County, what comes to mind first? For most, it may be the wonderful array of towns and beaches — but what about the laws? Dating back as early as 1872, when some of these towns were established, some ~strange~ laws were also constructed that town residents would have to obey. […]

Common Signs of a Prescription Drug Injury

Picture this: you’re prescribed a new drug by your doctor that will help alleviate back pain. After taking the medication for approximately three months, you start to notice that you’re developing other ailments that are quite painful, such as chest pains. While this new ailment might be temporary, it could actually be the cause of […]

How to Safely Prepare Your Home for Fall

As the summer sun sets earlier and the wind emits a chill, we feel autumn on the way. Fall is the perfect season to start preparing your home for brisk weather conditions in the months ahead. Before you speed ahead and plan for a light (or heavy) dusting of snow, here are some important, safe […]